South Salt Lake City

South Salt Lake evolving through form based zoning

May 31, 2016 Isaac Riddle

Salt Lake City Council recently voted to continue its public hearing on the adoption of the Sugar House Streetcar Corridor Master Plan.  The plan calls for a transition to form-based zoning for several parcels along the S-Line Greenway and […]


Mapping walkability on the Wasatch Front

February 18, 2016 Isaac Riddle

Walkability can be an elusive concept for Utah residents. Utah’s uniquely large square blocks and urban growth built around the car have produced few pedestrian-oriented areas for residents to use as a reference. In the past “we’ve […]

Greater Salt Lake

Utah leads in rankings but lags in education

February 8, 2016 Isaac Riddle

Salt Lake’s economy and national reputation have been growing.  Several recent reports and rankings show that businesses are increasingly interested in Utah with its low unemployment rate and young workforce. Forbes recently ranked Salt Lake […]

Greater Salt Lake

Study shows sprawl affects social mobility

February 1, 2016 Isaac Riddle

While presidential candidates argue about the current health of the “American Dream,” in Utah the dream appears to still be attainable.  A new study found that while upward mobility is slipping away for many people in […]


South Salt Lake lands downtown anchor

January 19, 2016 Isaac Riddle

Nearly a decade of planning and surviving the Great Recession, a downtown district is finally beginning sprout in South Salt Lake.   Last week Mayor Cherie Wood announced that the city has secured an anchor for […]

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