Net-zero community coming to Salt Lake

June 24, 2016 Isaac Riddle

The Central City/Liberty Wells neighborhood will soon have an environmentally friendly infill development. On Wednesday the Salt Lake City Planning Commission unanimously approved a planned development application by developers, Redfish Builders.  The developers planned to build […]


Commission approves Sugar House project

June 23, 2016 Isaac Riddle

The Sugar House building boom continues.  On Wednesday the Salt Lake City Planning Commission approved a Conditional Building & Site Design Review (CBSDR) for the, 21 by Urbana Apartments, a five-story 126-residential unit project on the […]

Salt Lake City

Council votes to update TSA zoning

June 16, 2016 Isaac Riddle

The Salt Lake City Council approved on Tuesday legislation sponsored by Councilmember Derek Kitchen that requires the Planning Division to reevaluate the Transit Station Area (TSA) zoning ordinance for parcels near portions of the Airport and University TRAX lines. According […]

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