Neighborhood Spotlight: Central 9th popularity evident with new construction boom

The Central 9th neighborhood started as a carve-out of a much larger district, a hamlet whose urban zoning and transit access gave it a distinct feel within its boundaries. The area closest to the neighborhood center has long since found the attention of developers who began or are in the process of filling out the […]

New ‘luxury’ student housing in the works near Trolley Square

A firm that’s been active in the Salt Lake City market in 2021 is planning to transform an office building near Trolley Square into luxury student housing for students at the University of Utah. What’s noteworthy about the project is that it would add dozens of four-bedroom units, a relative rarity in the building boom. […]

Coachman’s redevelopment not ready for primetime, Planning Commission says

The Salt Lake City Planning Commission effectively rejected an attempt by the owner of the now-shuttered Coachman’s diner to build a mixed-use development with for-sale housing in one gargantuan building on State Street. Mike Nikols, a member of the family who owns the land once home to Coachman’s at 1301 S. State, hoped to near […]

City council approves zoning change for market-rate boarding house in East Central over vociferous opposition

In a hotly-contested process opposed by a convergence of affordable housing advocates, neighborhood preservationists, and anti-gentrification activists, the City Council had little problem on Tuesday approving a zoning change and master plan amendment for a boarding-house co-housing development in a highly-desirable east Downtown neighborhood. The project, at 129 South 700 East on a 1.55 acre […]