ADUs are being added in basements, behind homes, above garages

Since officials approved the latest rules allowing accessory dwelling units, homeowners from across Salt Lake City have shown a willingness to add these forms of housing. Dozens of units have been tucked into backyards, above garages and within homes. On Wednesday night, the Planning Commission approved three more ADUs. Which should be no surprise: The […]

Pioneer Park set to get more city funds. Didn’t they just do that?

Despite a widely-acknowledged need for more park space Downtown, the city is aiming more money at Pioneer Park, a square 10-acre postage stamp in a long-transitioning neighborhood in southwest Downtown. Pioneer Park has collected over $3M in impact fees and budget sweeteners in the last several years, and is looking for another $2M in Mayor […]

650 new federally-subsidized units in the pipeline thanks to new RDA loans

The Redevelopment Agency awarded their 2021 affordable housing funds to four projects that will bring nearly 650 new subsidized units to the city.  Of its $8 million in available low-interest loans, $2.7 million went unspent. That financing is reserved for “high-opportunity” areas of the city (basically the Avenues, Sugar House, around Liberty Park, the University […]