BSL panel to address infill development: balancing density, affordability, and preservation

Growth. Affordability. Preservation. Cultural capital. Density. 

The Salt Lake City region is struggling to manage its success over the last two decades, since hosting the Olympic Winter Games in 2002, in attracting new residents and investment. Growth has brought residents and policy makers to a number of challenging crossroads.

Upcoming choices will shape the city for years to come.

This Wednesday, Building Salt Lake will host, with The Shop Workspace, our second summer Growing Skylines event. “Infill development in SLC: Balancing density, affordability, and preservation.”

The outstanding panel includes:

Jordan Atkin, developer, TAG SLC 

Polly Hart, preservationist + citizen planner, Avenues neighborhood  

Clio Rayner, architect @ GSBS, Salt Lake City

Ana Valdemoros, SLC Council Member + former city planner 

Due to the Covid Delta variant surge, we regret to say we’re not inviting a live audience. It will be live-streamed and recorded. Here’s our story covering the discussion.

August 18, 2021


@ The Shop Workspace

340 E 400 S, SLC

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