Builders look to add a new large-footprint apartment building on west North Temple

A manufacturing building and surface parking lot on west North Temple would make way for another five-over-one apartment building under what would be the continued redevelopment of the transit corridor.

The new homes at 1881 W. North Temple St. would be mixed-income, with one-third of the units held at rents affordable for those making 60% of the Area Median Income. 

The units will be primarily one-bedroom units. There will be 350 apartments in total.

According to the developers, “1881 North Temple will be a five-over-one podium building with upper terrace/outdoor places over the podium area that will provide garden/plazas and generous amount of community/living rooms that provides opportunities to build a strong community within this building.”

The 1881 North Temple Apartments are being built in collaboration between Defy Co Labs and the Housing Authority of Salt Lake City, according to documents filed with the city for the transit station development.

Project Details

  • One-bedroom: 260 units
  • Two-bedroom: 50 units
  • Three-bedroom: 40 units
  • Total Units: 350

The 350 apartments will be served by a podium parking space that includes 224 stalls total, 0.64 parking stalls per unit.

And while the zoning for the site and surrounding area allows and encourages dense redevelopment, the area currently isn’t as walkable as it may seem.

According to, a site that analyzes the walkability, bikeability and transit service of properties across the country, these new apartments will be built in a car-dependent part of town.

While there’s a TRAX line within steps of the future building’s front door, it appears most errands will be a long stretch from home unless future development brings more mixed-uses to the area. There are options for food and snacks within a short distance. 

As for the large scale of the building, it’s in line with the zoning approved years ago by the City Council.

This TSA zoning — specifically Mixed Use Employment Center Transit Station — exists to encourage dense housing development in areas with high concentration of jobs to pull people into the region.

“These areas generally start with a campus style development pattern and are dominated by a single type of use that generally employs a high number of people. Buildings are often large scale in nature and may have large footprints,” the zoning says. 

The developers say they’ve satisfied enough of the city’s requirements under TSA zoning to avoid review by the Planning Commission. If staffers in the Planning Division agree, the project could be approved and ready for construction in early 2022.

Construction Details

  • Owner: Defy Co Labs
  • Architect: JSF LLC
  • Involved: Housing Authority of Salt Lake City

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