Commission approves new residential development in the Marmalade

Rendering of the new townhomes in the proposed Marmalade Courtyards project. Image courtesy Salt Lake City.
Rendering of the new townhomes in the proposed Marmalade Courtyards project. Image courtesy Salt Lake City.

Marmalade’s evolution continues.  During Wednesday’s commission meeting the Salt Lake Planning Commission approved a Subdivision and Planned Development request by nonprofit developer, NeighborWorks Salt Lake,  to build the Marmalade Courtyards, a 30-unit residential development between 800 North and Reed Avenue off 300 West.

The project will wrap around Club Jam an LGBT nightclub.  The development area is zoned MU Mixed Use District and will have an affordable housing component with 20 percent of units designated as affordable units.

The development would replace 1.47 acres of vacant property with 23 new construction townhome units, two rehabilitated townhomes and five new construction condo units.  The 14 townhomes will be accessed a new private street, connecting 800 North to Reed Avenue.  The other nine new townhomes will front Reed Avenue with a reduced setback from the street level.  The condo units and rehabilitated townhomes will front 300 West.

The condo units and renovated townhomes will replace a commercial building and seven-unit residential building at the intersection of 800 North and 300 West.  The commercial building will be converted into two townhome units.  The seven-unit building will be converted into a five-unit, two bedroom condo development.

The units will include off street parking at a 1:1 ratio for the units fronting 300 West and a two parking stall per unit ratio for the new townhomes.

The homes will have a much smaller lot size than adjacent single family homes.  Lots for the new construction townhomes will be 1,100 square feet.  The rehabilitated townhomes will have a lot size of 1,600 square feet, while the condo units will be 900 square feet.

“There hasn’t been any opposition from the community whatsoever for this project,” said Salt Lake City Planner, J.P. Goates to the Planning Commission.

Two adjacent properties owners, eager to see the blighted properties redeveloped, spoke at the commission meeting voicing support for the project.

Neighborworks specializes in mixed-income residential developments.  Although the organization launched in 1977 in the East Liberty Park neighborhood, it has focused its efforts for the past few decades on revitalizing Salt Lake’s west side.

The Marmalade Courtyards will be a block and a half north of the Marmalade Block development.  The Redevelopment Agency of Salt Lake is leading the development of the 500 North block of 300 West. That project will include a new library, townhome units and three mixed-use buildings.

The site plan for the Marmalade Courtyards. Image courtesy Salt Lake City.
The site plan for the Marmalade Courtyards. Image courtesy Salt Lake City.

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