Site plan Shopko Block

Site plan Shopko Block

The site plan for the redevelopment of the Shopko Block. Image courtesy

  • Need

    Am I wrong or is there more parking than buildings? Where is our priorty here?

  • Bailey

    Definitely not wrong. The world belongs to the cars now…

  • David Dixon

    The plans shown on this site do not reflect all of the changes made since receiving input from the community and Planning Commission. A large public plaza has been added as a pedestrian connection to the office buildings from the street and retail functions have been added along Stringham. Only 12% of the parking is exposed on the top level of the podium and it is not visible from the street. That parking is used primarily by the U of U Medical Center for valet parking, accessible parking stalls, and urgent care patients. The building facades have been redesigned to fit the character of Sugar House; more eclectic, more masonry, less glass, custom detailing. Updated plans and renderings will be submitted in the next couple weeks.