Developers planning to build 28 townhomes in Marmalade

The buildout of Salt Lake City’s Marmalade neighborhood would continue under a proposal for an area zoned for mixed-use.

The TAG 400 townhomes would bring 28 new attached homes to 765 N. 400 W. 

The developers need permission to build more units without street frontage and has started the planned development process. If built, it would continue the ongoing infill happening in Marmalade, just north of Downtown.

This is one of multiple similar projects by TAGSLC, which is a Building Salt Lake supporter. 

“We have 28 townhomes planned for this site. The residential buildings will consist of 4 rows of 7 units,” they wrote in the project description submitted with the city. 

“We are submitting this planned development application to apply for a subdivision plat instead of a condo plat. This subdivision plat will allow us to promote homeownership within the community by allowing individual units to be sold instead of holding them as rentals.” 

These types of mid-density multi-family projects have been coming to Marmalade and west Capitol Hill in recent years, and more have come online recently.

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