In pictures: Downtown SLC construction bubbles along despite Covid

No one would say that energy levels are high in Downtown Salt Lake City these days. But there’s an unmistakable hum and a tap-tap-tap in the air, as construction projects large and small continue apace. We counted 1873 units under construction Downtown between 500 East and 600 West, North Temple and 500 South.

Paperbox Lofts

Squeezed in between historic warehouses and an electrical substation, Paperbox Lofts adds unique residential design savvy to west Downtown, just south of the Utah Jazz arena.

Paperbox Lofts, from the SW. Photo by Luke Garrott.
Paperbox Lofts from the west. 200 South, right. Photo by Luke Garrott.
Paperbox Lofts from the NE. 300 West, bottom. Rio Grande Depot, top center (red roof). Photo by Luke Garrott.

The Exchange project

At the east end of the city’s “civic campus,” the mixed-use, mixed-income, low-carbon Exchange project is starting to get its outward-facing details applied.

The Exchange from 300 E. Photo by Luke Garrott.
The Exchange from the SE. Photo by Luke Garrott.
The Exchange micros building from the west. Photo by Luke Garrott.
The Exchange in the context of the East Central (right) and Avenues (top) neighborhoods. Photo by Luke Garrott.

The West Quarter

The Ritchie Group project now known as the West Quarter, at 300 West and 100 South, will add hospitality, food + beverage, and residential units in the heart of west Downtown.

West Quarter project, left center. Photo by Luke Garrott.
Peeking into the West Quarter site. Photo by Luke Garrott.
The West Quarter’s south crane. Convention center hotel site, center top. Photo by Luke Garrott.
Convention center hotel site, orange, center. The roof of the Salt Palace Convention Center, left center. Photo by Luke Garrott.

The Birdie

In east Downtown, the 200 South food + beverage scene will see a new influx of residents with The Birdie, at 200 East.

The Birdie from 200 South, looking east. Photo by Luke Garrott.
The Birdie, center-right, getting framed. Liberty Sky, center-left, next to the red-striped Maverik building. 95 S State, center-top. Photo by Luke Garrott.
The Birdie, center-left. Liberty Sky, upper left. Photo by Luke Garrott.

The Depot District

North of 200 South, just to the west of the Gateway Mall, the residential boom continues.

Casa Milagros senior housing on 600 West in the Depot District is now leasing. Photo by Luke Garrott.
Also in the Depot District, The Beverly on 600 West is starting to receive external treatments. Photo by Luke Garrott.
The Central Station East project seems to be framed out. From the NE on 200 South. Photo by Luke Garrott.
Central Station East from the NW, on 200 South. Hong Kong Teahouse, right-center. Photo by Luke Garrott.

Pioneer Park – Rio Grande

At 400 West and 300 South, the Northwest side of Pioneer Park is getting a for-sale condo project by CW Urban.

The Olive at 400 West and South, from the SW. Photo by Luke Garrott.
The Olive, on the north side of Pioneer Park. Photo by Luke Garrott.

State Street

State Street, looking north. 95 S State, center, and Liberty Sky, right-center. Photo by Luke Garrott.
Liberty Sky, center. Photo by Luke Garrott.

East Central

In East Central, at the foot of the Avenues at 500 East + E Street, The Hardison continues its emergence.

The Hardison, making progress on S. Temple. Photo by Luke Garrott.

Cottonwood Residential’s Broadway project that runs the length of 200 and 300 South between 300 and 400 East is already making its mark on the East Central neighborhood Downtown.

Cottonwood Broadway, north phase, from the east. 200 South, right. Photo by Luke Garrott.
Cottonwood Broadway, north phase. Photo by Luke Garrott.
Cottonwood Broadway from 200 South, looking SE. Photo by Luke Garrott.

Remember the Violin School Commons project? Anchored by the Northwest Pipeline building, its redevelopment was green-lighted by the Becker Administration in a partnership with local developers Cowboy Partners. That deal was scuttled by Becker’s successor, Jackie Biskupski.

Current Mayor Erin Mendenhall’s Community and Neighborhoods Department (CAN) Director Blake Thomas told us in no uncertain terms that the city has moved on. Currently, his department is looking at “costs to bring the building to a useable shell state.” His goal is to have all essential mechanicals working, and thereafter to release a Request for Inquiries (RFI) for the NW Pipeline building and the remainder of the property.

The city’s old Public Safety site – parking lots, center, and blue modernist building (Northwest Pipeline), center-left. The Magnolia, center in yellow. Photo by Luke Garrott.
The Magnolia, the only part of the Violin School Commons project that came to fruition. It’s a permanent supportive housing project by Cowboy Partners and Bonneville Builders that will be owned and operated by Shelter the Homeless. Frontage on 300 East, from the SW. The old Public Safety building (Northwest Pipeline), right. Photo by Luke Garrott.

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