Missing Middle projects in the Marmalade nearing completion

Diagram of the missing middle.

Despite the wintry look in the images, the generally mild winter has been a boon to construction throughout the Wasatch Front and significant progress has been made on three missing middle projects in the Marmalade neighborhood.

The three projects will add a combined 59 for sale units that range from relatively affordable to luxury townhomes.  Additionally, they are all on track for completion this year.

The site plan for the Marmalade Courtyards. Image courtesy Salt Lake City.

Marmalade Courtyard:

The Marmalade Courtyards project will be the most affordable of the three developments and will consist of 30 housing units with 23 new construction townhomes and seven condo units.  The townhomes are almost entirely framed out and are located along a private drive between 800 North and Reed Avenue.  Construction hasn’t started yet on the seven condos but the units will replace two existing former retail buildings on the corner of 800 North and 300 West.  The new townhouses are in six buildings, the three on the west side are nearing completion and the three on the east side are well underway.  Prices will start at $349,900.

The Marmalade Courtyard townhouse as seen looking east along the 300 west block of Reed Ave. Photo by Mike Fife.
Marmalade Lane as seen looking north from Reed Avenue.  The western section the Marmalade Courtyard project is nearing completion and the eastern section is framed out. Photo by Mike Fife.
All of the new townhouses in the Marmalade Courtyard project have garages accessed by a private alleyway. Photo by Mike Fife.
The eastern half of the Marmalade Courtyard project. Photo by Mike Fife.
The Marmalade Courtyard project and is adjacent to two other missing middle developments as seen looking east along the 300 west block of Reed Avenue. Photo by Mike Fife.
The eastern edge of the Marmalade Courtyard townhouse project as seen from the 300 west block of Reed Ave. Photo by Mike Fife.
These former commercial buildings will be renovated into seven condos as part of the Marmalade Courtyards project as seen looking south from 800 North. Photo by Mike Fife.
The west side of the buildings that will be converted into condo units. Photo by Mike Fife.
The grey building to the south will have two condo units and the red brick building will contain five units as seen looking west across 300 West.  Photo by Mike Fife.

The Grove at Marmalade:

Rendering of The Grove at Marmalade as seen looking north from 500 North.

The Grove at Marmalade project consists of 12 for-sale townhomes on the north side of the 200 west block of 500 North.   The project is part of the Salt Lake City Redevelopment Agency’s Marmalade Block development which also includes the completed Marmalade Branch Library to the south and Clearwater Homes’ future mixed-use apartment development that is expected to begin construction in 2018.

The Grove at Marmalade townhomes as seen looking north across 500 North.  Photo by Mike Fife.

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