Salt Lake on the Street: District Four candidate Babs De Lay

District Four Candidate, Babs De Lay.
District Four Candidate, Babs De Lay.

Salt Lake on the Street is a weekly podcast featuring discussions with community stakeholders about Salt Lake urban and community development.   The podcast is made possible through a podcast partnership with 90.9 FM KRCL.  New shows will be uploaded weekly with portions of each episode airing throughout the week on KRCL.

Salt Lake on the Street Episode Eight:

Between now and the August 11th Salt Lake City Municipal Primary Election, Salt Lake on the Street will feature conversations with all five candidates for Salt Lake City Council’s Fourth District.  In this conversation, Babs De Lay talks to SL City News about homelessness,  transit, affordable housing and limited housing stock in popular neighborhoods.  De Lay is a broker with Urban Utah Homes & Estates and lives in the Depot District with her wife.

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