Salt Lake on the Street: revisit the D4 candidates

The 2015 Salt Lake City Municipal Primary is just a week away.  There are five candidates running for Salt Lake City Council’s District Four.  District Four contains most of the City’s fastest growing neighborhoods, including Downtown, Central City, Granary and Central Ninth.

The district also has become the focus of affordable housing as hundreds of market-rate apartments are under construction within its boundaries.  Issues with homelessness and crime plague District Four because it houses all of the City’s homeless service providers.

Mail-in ballots are due August 10, for those procrastinators SL City News has compiled the podcasts interviews with each of the candidates, as they discuss their approach to the City’s growth.  The abbreviated versions, can be accessed courtesy of KRCL.

Nate Salazar

Jen Colby

Miles Petty

Derek Kitchen

Babs Delay

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