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  1. North Temple turned out well, but there’s clearly more work to be done. I served on the North Temple Community Advisory Committee (CAC) during construction as a trustee/representative for KRCL. A couple things I’d like to see: 1) Complete the public art component originally envisioned int he masterplan. Envisioned were mosaics under the I-80 and I-215 freeway flyovers. I have always thought the green grassy triangle at 2100 West where the street veers southwest would be a great home for the Hoberman Arch or another sculpture. 2) TRAX station “1940 West North Temple Station” couldn’t be more cumbersome a moniker — and uninviting. I recommend changing the name to “West End Station” as more fitting to the location as the Green Line heads toward the airport’s alkaline environs and evocative of an up-and-coming neighborhood.

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